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This place will be my bubble to post and reblogg about things that I love, that I like or that just blows my mind (so fyeah you will see lots of Chlollie -Chloe & Oliver from Smallville- , Oliver Queen/GreenArrow and Comics, Justin Hartley, Josh Hutcherson, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Ronielen, Bamon, Glee, Austin & Ally, The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent, TMI, The Maze Runner, R5, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, SO MANY fave bands, shippers, books, songs, movies, characters, animes, sports and everything else - believe me); dont mind if I get a little crazy in my posts sometimes, its just… me.


Bamon 2.02 || 6.03

she’s my kinda girl | austin & ally {season 3}



Dedicated to supagirl. Happy Birthday!


Kat and Ian on Set | October 16th, 2014 | x


Q: You have a younger brother, Ryland. Doesn’t he want to be in the band?

RIker: When we started R5 he just wanted to be an ordinary teenager. But now he’s become a DJ and tours with us!


otp challenge: 2/4 quotes - Oliver and Chloe - Smallville 10.14 Masquerade

“No matter what happens, I know who you are.”

Why do I make things that depress me? /saddestsceneever




Snow and Charming, A+ parenting

Syaoran’s attempts 2/2

A  sort   of   h o m e c o m i n g

An evolution of my shipping
  • In the beginning: aww they're cute I bet they'd be good together
  • 2 months later: omg they're so cute why don't you guys kiss already
  • 4 months later: I didn't fucking ask for this dammit. I don't want to care this much
  • 6 months later: Did you fucking see that do you see the way their shoulders brush when they touch, do you see the way they breathe in sync. GIVE ME ALL THE META ON THEIR SHIRTS MATCHING!!Did you see them cough at the same time? Yeah bitch that's how you OTP YOUR OTP COULD NEVER!!
  • 8 months later: *guzzling bottles of alcohol* I'm trash I'm fucking shipper trash. I don't even care, at this point I exist on an alternate plane where my spirit is aligned with theirs... *sobs quietly* endgame bitches *throws middle fingers in the air*

I guess that’s just how you two show your l o v e.