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This place will be my bubble to post and reblogg about things that I love, that I like or that just blows my mind (so fyeah you will see lots of Chlollie -Chloe & Oliver from Smallville- , Oliver Queen/GreenArrow and Comics, Justin Hartley, Josh Hutcherson, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Ronielen, Bamon, Glee, Austin & Ally, The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent, TMI, The Maze Runner, R5, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, SO MANY fave bands, shippers, books, songs, movies, characters, animes, sports and everything else - believe me); dont mind if I get a little crazy in my posts sometimes, its just… me.

last dances & last chances parallels


"You're always watching over Sakura, aren't you?"
"What-ridic- .. I-I'm not!!"

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glee meme » ten performances [2/10]

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"I always wanted to have a red car, you know just because people would say "Who’s that cool girl in a red car? That’s right, she’s Laura Marano" you know what I mean"

Laura Marano & Ross Lynch “N.B.T.” Behind the Scenes (with Damian Otchere) [x]

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Ally Dawson being adorkable.

Amo esses LucaDu gifs, quero maaaaais <3

What’s on your Summer Bucket List? [X]

What’s on your Summer Bucket List? [X]


oh, please don't go


oh, please don't go