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This place will be my bubble to post and reblogg about things that I love, that I like or that just blows my mind (so fyeah you will se lots of Chlollie - Chloe and Oliver from Smallville - , Oliver Queen/GreenArrow and Comics, Justin Hartley, Josh Hutcherson, Blake Jenner, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Ronielen, Bamon, Glee, Austin & Ally, The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent, TMI, The Maze Runner, R5, SO MANY fave bands, shippers, books, songs, movies, characters, sports and everything else - believe me); dont mind if I get a little crazy in my posts sometimes, its just… me.


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“Just because you’ve given up on Oliver Queen doesn’t mean I have.”


Chloe Sullivan-Queen and Oliver Queen. TV or comics, still the most amazing ship. We need more of them! Bring Oliver Queen back to Smallville!

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I hope it’s not that you’re going to run off without your husband.
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He made me tell him where Checkmate’s headquarters are, after he found out they captured something called Watchtower.


Do you trust me?  With my life

The adorableness is melting my screen.

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"What are you gonna be doing?


Oliver Queen and his tech girl. 

And some people dare to say Oliver Queen never had someone like Felicity. I’m sorry, but Chloe Awesomeness Sullivan CAME FIRST! u_u

Oliver and Chloe were a major part of the series, and will continue to be a major part of the series.— Bryan Q. Miller

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